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Building thoughtful tools for communities that need it

Gemify provides technology that empowers users looking to develop and program. We want to encourage businesses and teams of any size to gain the knowledge necessary to be successful and make an impact.

Meet the Team

Stephanie Do headshot

Stephanie Do

UX Researcher

Curtis Decker headshot

Curtis Decker

UI Developer

Sylvester Duda headshot

Sylvester Duda

Software Engineer

Maiyi Huang headshot

Maiyi Huang

UX Researcher

Solutions built to sustain themselves

As the technology continues to grow and advance, Gemify aims to build tools that can support communities while giving them more agency and trust.

Affordable solutions

We are dedicated to building better and more affordable alternatives to services offered today. The tech ecosystem is in need of an overhaul led by those who care about the work they do and not the bottom line.

Accessible Design

We are actively maintaining and managing our design system that we use to build our Platform-as-a-Service software and other Gemify related apps. We use the latest W3C standards to build components and apps that work for everyone.

Worker Owned

Most importantly, we are a worker-owned tech cooperative. As our organization grows, we are dedicated to working with our communities to ensure that transparency and accountability are maintained. We are big believers in wanting to radically transform the way we all do business.